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“I love engaging and helping small businesses and entrepreneurs. This is not only my life’s passion; but, it’s my destiny to help you succeed. What I look for in a client is that you have similar passion in what ever your entrepreneurial endeavor is, a true commitment to succeed and a strong value proposition. There is so much misinformation out their from offered by those who are arm chair experts.

You don’t have to go at it alone. I have built businesses through first hand execution and hard work. I can help you triple down on your strength, show you how to augment your weaknesses and engage the right resources while creating a purposeful path to success.”


Advisory Services For
Second-Stage, Start-up & Small Businesses

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What We Do

 We are on a quest to uncover some of the best in America’s small to medium size businesses or start-ups who have a promising situation that wants to hedge their risks and maximize a venture’s potential.  Adventurer Labs provides our clients with expertise, innovation and proven strategies to maximize business opportunities and achieve optimal success with your business venture. We’re dedicated to raising the standard in SME’s advisory & consulting services industry by providing better insight, better service, better results, and better business value to our clients than anybody else in the world.

Our founder & managing director, John Frazier, apart from his very colorful years as an entrepreneur,  has worked with hundreds of startups and emerging ventures structuring $100s of millions of both debt and equity capital for private and small public companies. He is an experienced entrepreneur who’s been where you want to go and experienced what you want to experience, who can give you the outside perspective and counsel to build a more successful business–without having to go through all the painful trial and error yourself!

We specialize in small and medium size companies who are growing, starting up or in a turn around situation. We have a hands-on, action-oriented consulting style that targets the specific requirements for maximizing your company’s potential.

All businesses are not a like, and today’s challenges can be complex at times and require inter-disciplinary efforts and stakeholder engagement.  Our advisory firm builds and manages collaborations to bring people together with their individual niche expertise and disciplines so we can work together to solve or improve a clients position or aim.  Additionally, we have a whole host of service providers who we have personally vetted that you can deploy with confidence.

Here are the core services we provide:

  • Business & Strategic Planning
  • Brain Storm Master Mind Interactions
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Capitalization and Business Financing
  • Equity Crowdfunding, Reg D. 506 Execution
  • Crowdfunding Strategic Planning
  • Building a Strong Brand in Today’s Market
  • Fast Track Start Up Strategies
  • Dealing with Your Business in an Adverse Climate
  • Structured Turn Around
  • Content & Video Implementations




“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door” – Milton Berle

“Many Small Business Failures are Caused by Those Founders Who Simply
Didn’t Have a Successful Mindset Baked Into Their Strategy”
John Frazier, America’s Entrepreneur Advocate

We all loved Milton Berle as a comedian and actor, but not as an adviser for entrepreneurs. Apart from a great business model, I believe “the inner successful you” is the key element to any successful business and have proved this over and over again with entrepreneurs stretching across the United States in almost every imaginable industry.

Our 12 week small business accelerator program is a very special opportunity for any entrepreneur with a growing, stagnated or start up business. This is a 12 week journey that guides you to create an extraordinary small business lead by one of America’s leading small business advisers. This 12 week program has limited availability as you are guided with one-on-one weekly sessions, personally conducted by John Frazier, to help guide through  to help reach your business goals and make sure you have a successful mindset to lead the business as well.

If you would like more information about this extraordinary program, schedule a free 30 minute consulting session with John today.



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(512) 537-9613


Monday through Friday
8:30 a.m. ET – 6:30 p.m. PT

We understand that you need to cut through the complexity of your business challenges in order to focus on what really matters.  We are a firm that rolls our sleeves up, uncovers missed business opportunities, finds waste, and can give you strategic clarity.  We pride ourselves in be a top service organization with integrity being part of our DNA, leading as one of the best in the industry. We are a thought leader that is recognized as an authority in a small and medium size companies and whose expertise is highly sought after. We’re committed to continual learning, sharing our discoveries, earning the right to lead our clients, and aspires to always be the choice for small business with a reputation for fierce loyalty, deep competence and complete alignment with founders and principals.


 Best Advice from a Venture Capitalist

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 4.07.51 PM
“Your objective in your first venture capital meeting is to get the second meeting”, Vish Mishra.
(L)Vish Mishra, Director, Clearstone Venture Partners, Santa Monica, CA (R) John Frazier, Host – BizBuzz America, Austin, TX

What Others Say


keithprofilepic“John has been a vital source of support and knowledge for me as I begin my venture to create a crisis management business. In just one short month, John has been able to provide me with a greater understanding of brand creation, strategic planning, and marketing than I would have been able to do on my own in more than six months. John has empowered me to be successful.”

Keith Singer, MA
Retired Lieutenant NY Police Dept.
Start Up Small Business, New York, NY

profilepic_David“Within 30 minutes of speaking with John, I knew he was one of the deepest business thinkers I’ve ever met. His vast and diverse background guided by his sincerity will surely serve any small business owner who is just getting started or who is tired of being stuck and ready to break free. John, you rock!”

David Jehlen
Sales & Marketing Consultant, Tampa Bay, FL

profilepicncoleJohn Frazier is an inspiration to entrepreneurs of all kinds. Through his passion for small businesses, he empowers others to dig deep within to find purpose in their work and positively impact communities around the nation.”

Nicole Zaagman
CEO/Founder of LUX CHIX, Grand Rapid, MI

Join Our Team

We strive to create a company with the brightest people who share our belief in respect for people, quality, and have the same passion for small businesses.  If that describes you and you are living in the Austin area, reach out to us, we are very approachable.

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Invitation for a Free Session
with John Frazier
You Don't Have To Go At it Alone

30 Minute Small Business Strategy Session

Join over 30,000 other Entrepreneurs who follow one of America's Most Trusted Entrepreneur Advocates for some of the best insights & strategies to help their growing or start-up business.

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Invitation for a Free Session
with John Frazier
You Don't Have To Go At it Alone

30 Minute Small Business Strategy Session

Join over 30,000 other Entrepreneurs who follow one of America's Most Trusted Entrepreneur Advocates for some of the best insights & strategies to help their growing or start-up business.

We hate SPAM and would never share your information.

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